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Buy Web Hosting with Bitcoin in 2024 Easily

In the ever-evolving landscape of online services, the ability to purchase web hosting and domain registration with Bitcoin is becoming increasingly relevant. The digital world is witnessing a growing recognition of cryptocurrency’s potential in facilitating seamless and secure online transactions. The forward-thinking businesses are leading the way, paving the path for a future where Bitcoin is a standard and widely accepted form of payment for web-related services.

This article will guide you through the process of buying web hosting services with Bitcoin, making it a simple and accessible option for your online endeavors.

TezHost – A Bitcoin Friendly Web Hosting

TezHost an adolescent web hosting company gained popularity right after launch of the services. This company is best known for the unique and step forward features it offer. A hosting service for less than 1 USD is one of the great offers I over availed. TezHost was the among the very few Hosting companies offering web hosting with bitcoin. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to staying at the cutting edge of the industry, TezHost has become a go-to choice for individuals and businesses alike.

TezHost’s dedication to Bitcoin-friendly services extends beyond the payment process. The hosting provider understands the unique requirements and expectations of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With state-of-the-art security measures, top-tier customer support, and a commitment to transparency, TezHost not only facilitates seamless transactions but also ensures a safe and trustworthy environment for your online ventures.

Why Buy Domain and Hosting with Bitcoin

Before we delve into the “how,” let’s explore the “why” behind using Bitcoin for domain and web hosting transactions:

Anonymity and Privacy

In an era where online privacy and data security are paramount concerns, the advantages of using Bitcoin for web hosting purchases are perhaps most prominently showcased in the realm of anonymity and privacy.

Bitcoin transactions do not require the disclosure of personal information, such as names, addresses, or financial details, making them a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking to safeguard their identity in an increasingly transparent digital landscape.

Global Accessibility

In the digital age, the global accessibility provided by web hosting services has become a vital component for businesses and individuals around the world. The beauty of purchasing web hosting with Bitcoin lies in its universal appeal.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that knows no borders, making it an ideal payment option for individuals and organizations across the globe.

Avoiding Currency Exchange Fees

Avoiding Currency Exchange Fees is a critical advantage when buying web hosting with Bitcoin. Traditional payment methods often involve multiple currency conversions and hefty exchange fees, particularly for international transactions.

Bitcoin is a borderless digital currency that operates independently of traditional financial systems, eliminating the need for currency conversions. This not only makes transactions more straightforward but also allows you to retain the full value of your payment, ensuring that the cost of your web hosting remains transparent and cost-effective.

How to Purchase Hosting with Bitcoin

How to Purchase Hosting with Bitcoin

As we have discussed several advantages of using Crypto for purchasing web hosting. Lets dig into the process of the purchase process.

Select the Hosting Package

Once you’ve decided to purchase web hosting with Bitcoin, the next step is to select best web hosting package that suits your needs. Hosting providers typically offer a variety of hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and more. Your choice will depend on the specific requirements of your website or online project.

Proceed to Account Creation

After selecting the hosting package that best fits your needs, the next step in the process of purchasing web hosting with Bitcoin is to create an account with your chosen hosting provider. This is a straightforward but crucial step as it allows you to manage your hosting services and access various features and settings.

Select Payment method as Crypto

During the account creation process you will get an option to choose payment method. TezHost is offering different local and international payment methods including Crypto currency.

At the end of the account creation form, you will see payment option along with crypto currency. Just select the payment method crypto and create account.

Transfer the BTC

Once you’ve confirmed your order and received the invoice for your web hosting package, it’s time to transfer the BTC (Bitcoin) to the hosting provider. Follow these steps to complete the transfer:

Ask the Team if not automatically fetched

When invoice generated you get a reference number on the invoice. After transfer of the bitcoin to provided address your hosting package will be automatically activated by fetching the paid invoice. If not fetched automatically, you can ask the team through live chat, create a ticket, or send a message on the WhatsApp number of the company.

How to Purchase Domain with Bitcoin

TezHost a renowned domain registrar and web hosting company accept Bitcoin as a payment method, making it easy for you to secure your online presence. Here is the process to purchase domain name with bitcoin.

How to Purchase Domain with Bitcoin

Check the Domain Name Availability

To purchase a domain name with Bitcoin, the first step is to search for your desired domain name and check its availability. When searching for a domain, you have to put the desired domain name in the domain search bar and punch the enter button to know if the name is available or not. You can read this guide to choose best domain name for your new site.

Add to cart and fill the Nameservers

Proceed with available domain name you searched for. Now proceed with the purchase process by click on “Add to Cart” button TezHost allows you to set nameservers for your domain while purchasing. If you are using web hosting service of TezHost, let it defualt if you are willing to host your website on another hosting, you can change it.

If you haven’t yet decided the hosting company let it, you can change it later. Just proceed with add to cart and then checkout.

Complete Order

In this step of completing the order you need to create an account with TezHost or Login with existing account. Here in this step you have to set your payment method as “crypto currency”. Once you completed this account creation process you will have pay the btc to given wallet address. Once invoice paid in crypto you will get the verification email on your provided mail.


the ability to purchase web hosting and domain registration with Bitcoin is a game-changer in the digital world. As cryptocurrency gains recognition and prominence, forward-thinking businesses like TezHost are at the forefront of this revolution, making Bitcoin a standard and widely accepted form of payment for web-related services.

TezHost, an emerging web hosting company, has quickly gained popularity by offering innovative and affordable hosting solutions. What sets them apart is their commitment to being Bitcoin-friendly. With hosting packages available for less than 1 USD, a user-friendly interface, and a dedication to staying on the cutting edge of the industry, TezHost has become a top choice for individuals and businesses alike.


Is using bitcoin safe for web hosting purchases?

Using Bitcoin for web hosting purchases can be a safe and secure option. TezHost, a Bitcoin-friendly web hosting provider, ensures that your transactions are protected with state-of-the-art security measures.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

TezHost offers a transparent and customer-friendly refund policy. If you’ve paid for your web hosting with Bitcoin and change your mind, it’s best to contact us for refund within 14 days. We at TezHost offer 14 days money back guarantee to our all clients including those who paid through bitcoin.

What If the value of bitcoin changes after purchase?

The value of Bitcoin can fluctuate, which may affect the cost of your web hosting. When you make a purchase, the price is typically determined in the USD. If the value of Bitcoin changes after your purchase, it will not impact the agreed-upon price for your web hosting. Bitcoin’s flexibility and universal appeal make it a practical choice for online transactions.

Can I use bitcoin to renew my web hosting subscription?

Yes, you can typically use Bitcoin to renew your web hosting subscription with TezHost that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

What if I need to make a large web hosting purchase with Bitcoin?

If you need to make a large web hosting purchase with Bitcoin, it’s essential to ensure that your Bitcoin wallet has the necessary funds. Bitcoin transactions can accommodate both small and large payments, but you should verify your wallet balance before making significant transactions. TezHost, among other Bitcoin-friendly hosting providers, offers various hosting packages to meet different needs.

Is it possible to purchase web hosting anonymously with Bitcoin?

Purchasing web hosting with Bitcoin can provide a level of anonymity. Bitcoin transactions do not require you to disclose personal information, such as names or addresses, making it an appealing choice for those who wish to maintain their privacy in the online world. However, while Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous, it’s essential to keep in mind that other factors, like the information provided during account creation, may impact the level of anonymity.

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