What is a DNS Server(DNS for Tezhost)?

A DNS server is used to help browsers and applications to locate your website IP. DNS servers have all the information about your website IP, your subdomains IPs, Email Server IPs, etc. DNS for Tezhost will be the first thing you search when you purchase our web hosting.

You may need to change DNS servers if you have Domain Registration from one provider and hosting from another provider. You may also need DNS changes if you are using Google mail for business or Microsoft office 365 mail service for your website emails.

What are DNS for Tezhost (Domain Name Servers)?

By default Tezhost uses;




How to use custom Nameservers?

If you have to host from another provider, you can change DNS servers by logging into client.tezhost.com

Click “My Domains” >  “Manage Name Servers” in front of the required website name.

Apply your custom name servers.

You can also change the advanced DNS records from your cPanel or client.tezhost.com. However, the most popular advanced DNS records are.

“A” Record: It will point to your web server IP

“CNAME” Record: It will point to any hostname, eg; your website name

“MX” Record: It will point to your mail server hostname, eg your website name, as mostly the webserver is mail server as well.

In the below example, there are multiple A Records pointing to a web server IP, CNAME records and MX record. The number 14000 mentions the time to live field of DNS, normally you don’t need to do any changes to it.


DNS record changes or DNS server changes may take from few hours to few days which depends on the DNS time to live value. It is important to make sure that all the DNS changes are correct before proceeding to save them. So, Tezhost Technical support is always available if you need help in complex DNS changes. Therefore this is always good to consult support if you are not sure about your DNS changes.