To get started one must have an identity so that it should be authentic, trustable, and affordable to deal with it. Today’s world is linked with E-marketing and if a business is not connected with it. There will not be a proper return in the form of profit.

Step by Step progress

1. Buy a Domain name from a Registered Domain provider.
2. Get Web hosting services
3. Built Website

Registered Domain Name

A registered domain name is the most important step to build a website. Without the domain name, you can not build a web site. A domain name is an address of your website in the form of URL All sites have their own IP address and it’s difficult for a person to remember IP addresses. So, for making it easy domain names were introduced. Every website has its own domain name, which can be purchased from Tezhost, HostBreak, Ipage, GoDaddy, HostGator or Blue Host.

Hosting Services:

Hosting services is a second step towards building a website. For example, we can say the domain name is an address of your office, and hosting services is your office where records been kept. Hosting services give you options where you can change, update, or edit your record and webpage. Instead of taking extra costly services from website developers, Helpers, and other service providers hosting services buyers can easily edit or upload files and data. Through open sources website creation tools like (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or Magento). Now a domain name buyer can buy hosting services from the same domain name seller or can buy from another hosting services provider. If you buy hosting services from the same domain name seller you will not need to change the setting and if your domain name seller is different you have to change the DNS setting.

Website Building

Without domain name and hosting services a website cannot be established. So, building a website you must have to register your domain name and get hosting services.

To edit, upgrade or upload data by yourself on a website must be done through WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento which are open sources website creation tools.

Through which a website can be run.

Now, different Domain name sellers and Web Hosting services providers have their own packages for their customers. They have to choose which fulfills their requirements.