Domain Transfer is actually the process of changing domain registrar or domain owner or maybe both to some other of either case. You can shift a domain from one registrar to another with the same or different owner accounts on both sides. Domain Transfer at domains registrar has two types: Transfer-in or Transfer-out. Transfer-in means you are going to Transfer domain from some other registrar or domain provider to TezHost while Transfer out means you have a domain registered with TezHost and you want to transfer it to somewhere else. In the below-given image of Domain Transfer-in Page, You need to enter the Domain name and Auth/EPP code to start Domain Transfer. EPP/Auth code is a kind of protective procedure to avoid unauthorized domain transfer. Don’t forget to unlock your domain first otherwise domain could never be transferred and will give error code with “status prohibits operation”.

domain Transfer process

It will generate your invoice for domain transfer, you need to pay an invoice and our automated system will submit a request for domain transfer. On successful domain transfer, your domain will be active from TezHost and you are ready to set its DNS or Nameservers.

How to Avoid Downtime in Domain Transfer:

First of all, start this process of a domain transfer to us, some 10 to 15 days before the expiry date or renewal date as if you will transfer in last two or three days, the previous or old registrar can suspend your domain services right on the renewal date or a day later while domain transfer standard process takes 5 to 7 working days. It can be less or more in an exceptional case, error, or mistake from either side. If transferring both domains and hosting then you need first buy a package from us then you have to transfer your hosting files to our server. For easy and better migration, you need to be synchronized on platforms or control panels like migration from cPanel to cPanel. Then you need to change DNS at the old registrar and then after DNS propagation, you will start the transfer process of the required domain and keep in mind those 5 to 7 working days a transfer process takes. In both domain and hosting transfer, we carefully use only our nameservers so that right after transfer, your domain DNS should be live from our new server as old providers often automatically delete zone records of the transfer-out domain. Some people often ask: Why transfer process take this much time, which means 5 to 7 working days? Actually, a management body, known as ICANN, which set the standard and universal rules all over the world for transparent domain name registration and management procedures, and all Registrars follow those rules for smooth and error-proof domains management process execution. ICANN has divided process of confirmation of domain transfer from both sides to some respective time in which they ask for confirmation via email if either side don’t agree domain transfer don’t proceed and lead to cancellation. You will receive email on every step of this process like domain transfer request to domain transfer completion. Always remember, unlocking a domain and getting or generating Auth/EPP code are pre-requisites for starting a successful domain initiation process.