Price or Quality – User Preference For Web Hosting In Pakistan

Like most things in Pakistan, making a decision on which web hosting company to choose can be tough. Mostly people are confused whether to choose web hosting by focusing on

price or quality


So we have discussed some important issues related to choosing a web hosting for your website in Pakistan.

Focus on Quality

When choosing a web hosting company price should not be the only thing you consider. Do not unavoidably fire a company because of their price as that is higher than several competitors.


Quality depends on Price

However; sometimes price shows of quality. If you choose lowest price company, you may not be fully satisfied with their services. If you are a businessman and you want your site to be one of the best then do emphasize on quality, not on price. Sometimes web hosts with low cost do not offer you a lot of services.


Research Before Choosing

Some companies offer you cheapest rates as well as best quality and 99.9% uptime. Obviously, in choosing a hosting package price is an important factor. Some Hosting companies offer discounts and promotions, so it’s good to do research before choosing any of them.


Long Term Contracts

Be careful when companies who are looking for long-term contracts. You could save money by choosing them but you should choose the company that is flexible while changing the other one.


Drawbacks of Cheap Companies

Cheap companies give the poor support, their downtime records are terrible, no 48 business hours supported, and sometimes the person have to wait until Monday while uploading a new page. So I prefer the web hosting company with fantastic quality.



You may have to pay a huge price of losing a customer and if the server is done and there is not who you could take help from, there is no backup plan and/or response time from the Customer support is unavoidably high. So, when it comes to price or quality, always go for quality.

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