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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reseller Hosting ©

In this article, we will learn about what are the advantages and disadvantages of reseller hosting.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting 1

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting has become one of the most common hosting technologies today. However, we are forced to deal with several issues because of a lack of appropriate knowledge. Therefore, knowledge about its benefits and drawbacks is crucial.

Your decision of reseller hosting comes with a lot of amazing advantages. We will learn why reseller hosting is advantageous or disadvantageous for both individuals and corporations in this section.

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Here is a list of the main advantages of having a reseller hosting out of a long range of advantages.

1. Cost Effective

Numerous packages with various resources are available through reseller hosting without jacking up prices. The idea is comparable to a wholesaler selling items in quantity rather than just one or two as a reseller does.

Therefore, Reseller Hosting is the best choice for those looking to start a new business. Furthermore, there are not any prerequisites for getting the infrastructure, tools, or technology you will need to provide expert hosting services to other consumers.

Additionally, it makes things simpler because you don’t have to invest in the infrastructure, technology, and tools often required to start a web hosting business.

 2. Bandwidth & Storage

Reseller organizations provide all the services as the storage and bandwidth of the hosting accounts can be upgraded as required.

Thus, you don’t need to go anywhere else to get the required services.

3. Security & Additional Features

Reseller hosting includes a bigger number of features than simple hosting services. Additionally, the website’s management panel will be stronger, giving you better control over how your site is managed. Many businesses also provide boundless SSL certificates in addition to extras such as cPanel.

4. Prospect for Income

If you choose to sell add-ons, reseller hosting offers significant potential for extra cash.

Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates, domain registrations, and other add-ons are a few examples of extra revenue-generating add-ons.

5. Developing a Brand

You can obtain resources from a larger web hosting company when you use reseller hosting. With this, though, you have the chance to both develop your identity and the primary brand image.

It implies that your clients won’t even be aware that you have purchased or rented identical resources from another service provider when you are hosting other websites.

6. Put Your Business First

You can concentrate on the business rather than the technical aspects of running a web hosting company when you choose reseller hosting.

This is because the web hosting company you have rented from or bought from is in charge of all the tasks linked to upgrades, server maintenance, connectivity, security, and so forth.

7. Growth Possibility

Reseller hosting is the best choice if you have a website that receives a lot of traffic and has multiple pages. Additionally, choosing reseller hosting services means you get more space and functionality if your company operates numerous websites.

For instance, distinct parts of your website could run on various servers and URLs. Since everything you get is included in the main subscription, you won’t even need to purchase a separate hosting package.

8. Ease Clients

The ease of the customer is a priority in the design of reseller hosting package accounts. It allows for a quick and simple transfer of services to consumers in the future.


The following is a list of the main drawbacks of reseller hosting:

1. Reliance On Web Hosting Company 

There is no question that your company will be directly impacted by the apex hosting company that purchases or leases the resources.

For instance, the server’s quality will be important, and a higher number of technical problems will impact your reputation and revenue.

2. High Difficulty Level

The reseller hosting features and cPanel will be fairly difficult for someone who is not experienced in maintaining professional websites. You can face real-time difficulties.

3. Customers can be Affected 

You have to move all of your clients’ data if you decide to switch web hosting companies. It is advised that you have a dedicated server or virtual private server because doing so can be very challenging (VPS).

It will be simpler to switch providers if you have a dedicated server or virtual private server, but it will cost you more money.

4. Time-Consuming

Regardless of the sort of hosting, answering consumer questions is essential if you are starting a web hosting business.

Additionally, if you don’t spend enough time troubleshooting and addressing issues, it could harm the reputation of your company.


If you are a developer or designer trying to break into the web hosting industry, reseller hosting can be extremely profitable. It necessitates a significant amount of effort and is probably not for everyone, though. Make sure you do your homework on web hosting companies to make sure they can supply your site with the best speed possible and that you feel comfortable using advanced website settings.