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Do you want your employees to work remotely but still in your office?

Tezhost Cloud Desktops are the best option for it. You can set up a Cloud Desktop in a few easy steps. You will get an IP that will be accessible from all over the world, a login, and a password. You can use the Windows Remote Desktop to connect to the IP and use it just like you use your local system. To open Remote Desktop, click on start and write remote desktop, windows will automatically show you the remote desktop software that is built-in windows by default.

Start > Remote Desktop

 Start > Remote Desktop

Contact our Tezhost Support Staff if you need any help in setup or access.

Below is a remote desktop-connected system. The bottom left start button is for my laptop and the second start button above it is for my Tezhost Cloud Desktop.

What are the benefits of Cloud Desktop?

  • Work on the US or EU-based IP and networks directly from anywhere.
  • Browse all the websites which are not allowed in your country.
  • Very easy to clone your Cloud Desktop to multiple Cloud Desktops with the same settings.
  • For Development environments.
  • To help remote clients in files download and upload directly from it.
  • To use for Paypal, Stripe, 2checkout, Payoneer, and other payment gateways who has requirements of US or EU IPs.
  • To use Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media account for fast browsing and use of US and EU IPs.
  • To browse anonymously and safely is better than VPN and online proxies.
  • Fully control your Cloud Desktop from your Administrator user.
  • Install any software according to your requirements.
  • Faster download speed up to 1gbps and 10TB of downloads per month.
  • Access it securely from your home, office, or any other PC.
  • Flexibility to upgrade to high CPU, RAM, and storage.
  • Predictable per month or year cost, with very lower prices than Azure and AWS virtual desktops.
  • Greater security via windows firewall, windows defender, or any other antivirus you wish to add like AVG or Avast.
  • Optional auto backups to full restore of the server to a previous point. Help you recover from any disaster like Ransomware, Hacking, OS crash, etc.
  • No upfront costs, or purchase of expensive Laptops and equipment. Just pay as you go.

If you still have questions or want a demo, reach out to us at [email protected].