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cPanel Linux Packages Details


cPanel Economy

Best choice for most of the websites.
5GB SSD Space
100GB Bandwidth
10 MySQL Databases
25 Free Sub-Domains
100 E-mail
Free SSL Certificate
From Rs4000/per year
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cPanel Deluxe

Choice of users who need some extra power. It can hold up to 10 Websites.
10GB SSD Space
200GB Bandwidth
20 MySQL Databases
100 Free Sub-Domains
200 E-mail
Free SSL Certificates
From Rs8000/per year
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cPanel Ultimate

Unlimited hosting with extreme power for unlimited websites as addon domains.
Unlimited SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Free Sub-Domains
Unlimited E-mail
Free SSL Certificates
From Rs30000/per year
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Our Shared Hosting Features

We care about speed, a slow site means dead business. Here are
some of the features, for faster websites.


Linux or Windows

cPanel Linux Hosting

Most shared hosting works best on cPanel Linux Servers. cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel used around the world. We use CentOS 7x and Redhat 7x latest versions on our servers.
Best Choice For WordPress
Cpanel As Control Panel
Supports PHP As Programming Language
Apache As Web Server
MariaDB As Database server
Exim As Mail Server
Dovecot As POP And IMAP Server
PHPmyAdmin To Access Databases
Supports Auto Installer Of 100s Of Applications

Plesk Windows Hosting

Supports programing in Asp.NET for websites. The most famous platform Dotnetnuke DNN supported. Plesk for Windows servers also support PHP and MySQL.
Best Choice For Dotnetnuke
Plesk As Control Panel
Supports asp.NET and PHP
IIS As WebServer
MSSQL Server and MySQL As Database server
Smartermail As Mail Server
Management Studio for Remote MSSQL connect
PHPmyAdmin To Access MySQL Databases
Supports Auto Installer Of 100s Of Applications

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting, in straightforward terms, allows your website to be accessible via the Web. All knowledge visible on your website pictures, content and code must k hosted on a server through a service known as Web Hosting. As a website administrator, you get access to manage your website simply through our state of the panel and GUIs.

How will Web Hosting work?

Once you decide on a Web hosting set up, your website is held on on a hosting server and appointed a singular name server. These name servers square measu the address for your guests to search out and examine your website. The performance of your website depends on the hosting set up chosen. not like others, WE tend to don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, you’ll be able to choose a hosting set up at TezHost as per the character and wishes of your website. Ono you buy a Web hosting set up, TezHost stores your website on one in all our servers and assigns it a singular DNS. The DNS is the address that enables folks around the world to search out and examine your website. This distinctive address is needed so as for folks to look at your website. By buying a website hosting package, you are primarily shopping for the area on one in all our servers. It’s kind of like the area on a computer’s Winchester drive, however, the server permits your website’s files to be accessed from anyplace

What quite Web hosting do You need?

Based on the character of your website necessities, you’ll be able to choose between the associate array of UNIX system and Windows hosting plans. as an example, if you would like cheap hosting for a basic website, our Windows Essential set up and UNIX system Starter set up square measure viable choices. However, if you have got an outsized portal or would love to host multiple sites, our Business and professional plans square measure higher suited. We offer each Windows and UNIX system hosting. That one you would like depends on what you wish to try and do along with your website, like whether or not wish to form a go-cart, host a podcast, or add a diary. If you are not positive if you would like Windows or UNIX system, you’ll be able to invariably decision TezHc hosting support team. We’re here to assist 24/7.

Why TezHost?

TezHost delivers law officer Web hosting solutions that square measure tailored to your specific wants. Our deep expertise as a hosting company has helped Nor American country produce ascendable hosting solutions that promise exceptional performance and unmatched worth. Our Web hosting service is including first technical support and powers over a half-dozen million websites worldwide.

The Best Web Hosting Pakistan

The lowest worth for many unlimited options makes TezHost West Pakistan the most effective Web hosting selection of 2018. Cloud-based infrastructure, 24/7/ IN support, simple website builder and far more! Connection our perpetually growing community 3,00000 happy purchasers is your most suitable option for shared hosting in West Pakistan. Created by professionals from everywhere the plan Web for you to fancy. Select 2018’s best Web hosting service supplier West Pakistar must supply and go online!

Unlimited Web Hosting in Pakistan

Start speaking a language no to limits! Go unlimited with Pakistan low-cost Web hosting services. Unlimited SSD space, unlimited information measure, unlimited range of Web sites, unlimited email accounts and far more! Cloud-based infrastructure, SSD hardware, 24/7/365 live support, machine-controlled backups build TezHost West Pakistan your #1 Web hosting selection. Build your life easier and select your best Web hosting possibility in West Pakistan. TezHost says no to limit it is your communicate do the same!

Cheap Web Hosting in Pakistan

Save sensible with the most effective web hosting supplier. we tend to assure that solely at TezHost, you’ll realize the most effective quality-price quantitative relation within the market. TezHost shared Web hosting in West Pakistan offers you unlimited options + free domain registration useful client Success Team’s help Advanced cloud-based infrastructure can build your website fly, simple website builder can assist you to launch a completely functioning website in minutes whilE not disbursement a fortune. Value more highly to save smart! Our promise low cost no Web heels miles prior to the competition in providing Web hosting to our customers in India. Hosting In West Pakistan understands the monetary limitations of tiny businesses and therefore the got to have a website hosted on quick servers to achieve business these days. We provide shared host plans On UNIX system and Windows platform in the national capital, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, low price website hosting, and cheap hosting plans.

Free Domain Registration

The cheapest shared Web hosting in West Pakistan comes with several edges and free domain registration is one in all them. Every Premium & Business low-cos’ Web hosting pack offers you the advantage of owning your own personal domain that best represents your name. Register your domain with associate ICANN approved registrar like TezHost for any responsibilities. For a lot of security — accompany Business web hosting set up and acquire your free SSL certificate. Responsibility & security warrantee’

Free web site Builder

Build your website with 2018 best website builder in five minutes! Every of our shared Web hosting plans come with a very free & easy-to-use web site builder. Dr and drop interface with many professionally designed templates ensures that no secret writing data is required to own a superbly wanting website which it will be finished solely many clicks. choose value a lot of highly favor to save even more you’re professionally wanting, SEO friendly webpage with 2018 best web site builder!

Best WordPress Hosting in Pakistan

Having fully WordPress optimized shared Web hosting is your key to success. It guarantees you most speed and stability that square measure essential for runnir undefeated journal sites. the foremost standard CMS combined with the ability of SSD guarantees you the most effective & smoothest WordPress hosting expert’ Install WordPress with the motorcar installer; customize it in line with your desires and begin running your journal sites in minutes with zero interruptions!

What am I able to use to make my website?

You can build your website in many alternative ways — from hand-coding with HTML to employing a website builder program. If you need loads of practicality and flexibility from your website, you’ll have the benefit of programs and applications which will assist you to build your website. Web hosting plans provide you with access to free, server-side applications which will be wont to develop and customize your website, together with standard Content Management System (CMS) applications like WordPress’? and Joomla!°. You’ll be able to even add an ardent information processing if you intend to feats associate SSL Certificate later.

How do I transfer my sites to your server?

If you’ve designed your website during an HTML editor, like Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Studio, you’ve got to transfer your website files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). we have an intrinsically FTP File Manager that you just will access in our Hosting center. However, if your files square measure larger than twenty MB, we have a tendency to advocate victimization the tool FileZilla, that works with Windowss, Macs’, ar Linux° operational systems, or different third-party FTP shoppers. For additional data. see Uploading Files to Your website (FTP).

If I have already got a Web site, am I able to transfer it to your Web hosting?

Moving your website to TezHost could be a straightforward method. If you’ve got access to your existing website files, you’ll be able to transfer them through our Hosting center or via associate FTP shopper. If you don’t have a current copy of your website, you ought to be ready to request one from your current website hosting supplier.

Fastest Shared Web Hosting In Pakistan

At TEZHOST Hosting, it extremely is “Our Speed. You’re Success. Those are not simply words however really one thing we try for every day. Once your website succeeds and outgrows your current Web Hosting package, we are able to painlessly migrate you to successive package or maybe to 1 of our high performance Managed VPS plans or Dedicated Servers. Our wonderful 24/7/365 support team befittingly named the Guru Crew is here to assist. We strive to vary than those different Shared Web Hosting suppliers. We try to be the quickest Web hosting supplier too. We’ve noticed this create it attainable fo Pakistan to produce a top-notch hosting expertise for our customers. Not solely can we enable caching with me cached and APC thus you get the quickest page load speeds, our exclusive TEZHOST Optimized tool permits you to set up these solutions with 1-click. Those different hosts do not even enable these caching to on their shared servers and that we provide you with a tool to assist you set them up!

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting, conjointly observed as virtual Web hosting, could be a Web hosting setting wherever individual hosting accounts square measure hold on one W server, all of that share constant system resources like space, information transfer and server process power. It offers a really cheap thanks to getting your information processing system up and running as a result of all the connected server hosting prices square measure shared and opened up among the opposite users on the physical machine.

Is Shared Web Hosting Right For you?

Shared hosting could be a good platform for those who have modest hosting desires, significantly businesses and hobbyists with smaller websites, blogs or forur it’s conjointly good for people who square measure greenhorn to Web server hosting as a result of it’s a decent learning setting to urge your ” feet wet” with a minimal investment. A shared Web hosting package could be a nice start line if you are looking to launch a brand new website or project and aren’t quite certain what quantity area o traffic it’ll need. TEZHOST Hosting customers ne’er pay account upgrade fees that mean you’ll be able to simply move up to a VPS or to an ardent hosting accoui you discover additional server resources square measure required than what’s found along with your shared host account.

Shared Web Hosting Account Management

All TEZHOST Hosting shared hosting accounts square measure pre-installed with the easy and triumph cPanel electrical device. cPanel is loaded with everything you’ll like for simple management of your shared hosting account. As a shared host client, not solely will a shared host client expertise convenient, speedy accou started, however, cPanel will get your website up and running at intervals minutes. TezHost is especially useful in obtaining your package up and running quickly. you’ll be able to install the variety of the web’s preferred package solutions like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla with the clicking of your mouse. Meaning you do not ought to worry concerning transfer or setup files!

Your cPanel electrical device includes intuitive options including*

• File management
Database administration – simply manage your MySQL databases with php MyAdmin
Domain administration – produce and edit subdomains moreover as manage your add-on domains
Email – Add email accounts, setup forwarders, manage your email lists and additional
Statistics – Includes Awstats, Webalizer and additional

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting In Pakistan

At TEZHOST Hosting, the benefits of our shared Web hosting packages are clearly sped. However, the opposite execs of those plans embrace affordability and convenience. Our shared Web hosting atmosphere suggests that we will supply within your means hosting plans as a result of our customers aren’t solely sharinc server resources, however, they’re additionally spreading the value of hardware, server maintenance, security updates and alternative factors among all custome on the server. As associate degree TEZHOST Hosting shared server hosting client, you furthermore may don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding server period of time and technical support as a result of that is our job. Our shared Web hosting packages go along with associate degree ample quantity of resources like space, knowledge transfer and email accounts that are excellent for private and tiny business websites. These are simply some of the explanations why we provide the most effective Web hosting for tiny business.

Possible Disadvantage of Shared Hosting In Pakistan

Even though we provide the quickest Web hosting, please note that every account on a shared server doesn’t feature root access. Users searching for body leve access ought to actually contemplate our VPS Hosting plans. If you’re searching for a reliable Web hosting supplier for your business, TezHost is that the right hub for you. we tend to guarantee secured hosting in order that you’ll be able to succeed the web presence you’re searching for. we provide an array of Web hosting services particularly crafted for you at a reasonable value.

Why are Web Hosting Solutions vital?

The growth of a company fully depends on the Web hosting. Your business website is taken into account the identity for your company. So, a high-quality hosting ought to be the one in every one of the good priorities for your organization.

Hire Best and Reliable Web Hosting Provider:

It is vital to grasp what your website wants before you arouse an online hosting set up. The hosting supplier should be economical in giving the standard solution to the shoppers. Around the clock technical support additionally creates an excellent impact for your website. Suppose your website faces the period of time you must avail most support from the service supplier

Pick the proper Web Hosting set up For Your Success:

There are associate degree array of Web hosting varieties and plans obtainable within the trade. Being the client, you must choose the most effective suited host set up for you. It’ll be the key to your fortunate business. We tend to at TezHost are equipped to handle numerous style of Web hosting solutions with our out of sophistication infrastructure. We’ve got hosted around ten thousand Websites and our services unfold our wings too:

We Can Help!

Is this your initial site? Our straightforward to use cPanel electrical device can create your life straightforward. Simply manage your sites, package and email addresses all at intervals the easy interface. You’ll be able to even 1-click setup the foremost standard package like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal! Are you an associate veteran developer? we have a tendency to load your account with all the tools you’ll want! You get everything from support for the most effective versions of PHP and MySQL to resources like free SSH access, version management package and then far more. You make wonderful come and want a Shared Hosting supplier UN agency will continue. Trust us. We’ve been doing this since 2003. Start currently fully meaningless with our Web server hosting! You will soon see that we’re each the quickest Web hosting supplier and provide the most effective Web hosting for tir business

Need help?

In case you have got any question regarding our Web Hosting Plans, please be happy to decision North American country at 1-800-200-7625 or use the live Ch possibility at the highest of the page to talk with one in all our Web Hosting product specialists. You’ll be able to additionally email North American country at

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