Domain Reg. & Web Hosting in Peshawar

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Web Hosting in Peshawar

Domain Reg. & Web Hosting in Peshawar

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Web Hosting in Peshawar

TezHost is among the most outstanding web hosting companies of current time in Peshawar Pakistan. The web hosting in Peshawar costs are also cheap in Karachi the market due to which we are able to grow market share at high velocity. Our supervision, support and technical panel are also functioning hard to make this company a giant company of current time in Peshawar.

Server CPU RAM HDD Cost
VPS 1 1 2GB 20GB Rs 1200/- month View Details
VPS 2` 1 1 40GB Rs 2400/- month View Details
VPS 3 2 2 80GB Rs 4800/- month View Details
VPS 4 2 4 160GB Rs 9600/- month View Details
Server 1 2 16 GB Ram 120GB SSD or 1TB HDD Rs 12000/-month View Details
Server 2 4 32 GB Ram 240GB SSD & 2TB HDD Rs 14400/- per month View Details
Server 3 4 32 GB Ram 4TBsata 7200 rpm H,1 GBit/s-Port Rs 16800/- per month View Details
Server 4 8 48 GB Ram 4TBsata 7200 rpm H,480 GB SSD Rs 19200/- per month View Details

Our Servers Features

Quick Response Times

Latency is a very important factor in slowness over the internet. Our aim is to provide you a server that is closer to you and your users. So that you get quick response from your server.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We have everything covered for you. Good server hardware, high speed internet and reliable power supply to ensure best possible uptime.


Our security experts can set up firewalls in such a efficient manner that it will secure server from all external threats.

DNS Settings

DNS is a complicated topic for many users. Our staff can help you fix complex issues related to Domain registration and DNS resource records.

Technical Service

Round the clock technical service so that you have a piece of mind.

Troubleshoot and Bug Fixing

Our technical team can help you troubleshoot problems, identify bugs and suggest solutions for their fixes.

Tezhost Guarantee

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Web Hosting in Peshawar