Cloud Web Hosting In Pakistan

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Cloud Web Hosting In Pakistan

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Server CPU RAM HDD Cost
Cloud 1 1 2GB 20GB Rs 960/- per month View Details
Cloud 2` 2 2GB 40GB Rs 1280/- per month View Details
Cloud 3 2 4GB 40GB Rs 2400/- per month View Details
Cloud 4 3 4GB 80GB Rs 3200/- per month View Details
Server 1 2 16GB 120GB SSD or 1TB HDD Rs 16,000/- per month View Details
Server 2 4 32GB 240GB SSD or 2TB HDD Rs 19,200/- per month View Details
Server 3 4 32GB 2x4TB Sata 7200 rpm HDD Rs 22,400/- per month View Details
Server 4 8 64GB 480GB SSD or 4TB Sata HDD Rs 25,600/- per month View Details

Our Servers Features

Quick Response Times

Latency is a very important factor in slowness over the internet. Our aim is to provide you a server that is closer to you and your users. So that you get quick response from your server.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We have everything covered for you. Good server hardware, high speed internet and reliable power supply to ensure best possible uptime.


Our security experts can set up firewalls in such a efficient manner that it will secure server from all external threats.

DNS Settings

DNS is a complicated topic for many users. Our staff can help you fix complex issues related to Domain registration and DNS resource records.

Technical Service

Round the clock technical service so that you have a piece of mind.

Troubleshoot and Bug Fixing

Our technical team can help you troubleshoot problems, identify bugs and suggest solutions for their fixes.

Tezhost Guarantee

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Cloud Web Hosting In Pakistan

In cloud based web hosting a cloud server acts as a virtual server instead of physical server. Cloud servers run in a computing environment and can be accessed remotely. Cloud servers are also known as virtual servers where multiple connected servers comprise a cloud. Several servers’ links together to share load time, infrastructure, security, storage and maintenance.
The cloud based web hosting is cheaper as compared to dedicated servers hosting. In cloud hosting, services and costs are distributed among several clients which is an economical and featured option. On the other hand in dedicated servers virtual resources and hardware reside on premises which are costly for organizations and businesses. Cloud hosting saves capital to organizations because they don’t have to spend a lot on the initial upfront capital cost associated with owning and managing data centers. Companies using a cloud hosting service get data protection benefits such as high availability and disaster recovery, other benefits are flexibility, cost efficient, and scalability in building applications, websites and other services.
In Pakistan Web Hosting companies are providing cloud based web hosting with different features and package prices. Every clients want efficient, advance and economical web hosting service. Due to competition in services and prices we can find one of the most demanding webs hosting company in Pakistan is Tezhost. Tezhost services, features and package prices are mentioned below for comparison and selection.

Tezhost Cloud Web Hosting In Pakistan

Cloud 1: Best for testing and development
In Cloud 1 package a client can have CPU 1 Core, Ram 2 GB and SSD 20 GB Disk at
Rs 960/month.

Cloud 2: Good for small production sites
In Cloud 2 package Tezhost offer CPU 2 Core, Ram 2 GB and SSD 40 GB Disk at
Rs 1280/month.

Cloud 3: Good option for multiple websites of medium size
In Cloud 3 package a client can get CPU 2 Core, RAM 4GB and SSD 40GB Disk at the price of
Rs 2400/month.

Cloud 4: Best choice for multiple large websites
In Cloud 4 package a client can get CPU 3 Core, RAM 4GB and SSD 80GB Disk at the price of
Rs 3200/month.

Cloud 5: Best for testing and development
In Cloud 5 package Tezhost offer CPU 4 Core, RAM 8GB and SSD 160GB Disk at
Rs 4800/month.

For Cloud a client have to choose a plan then create Account to Launch Cloud. A client can get powerful hardware for High Performance, Enhanced Security (Tezhost team can help in security audit), Spam Guard (Filters to limit spams sending and receiving) and great support round the clock to help in any situation. Features including Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Weekly off Site Backups, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Free Site Builder Software, Private Name Servers, Full Root Access, 14/7/365 Aware-Winning Support and Fully Managed (w/cPanel).
Performance, Reliability and customization are the main goals of Tezhost. Cloud Server Features are CentOS Linux with Full Root Access (64-bit with 32-bit compatibility), Optional cPanel with WHM Control Panel (cPanel Demo: WHM Demo), Apache Web Server (Must be installed by user on semi-managed plans), Supports: MY SQL, PHP, Perl, Python (Django), Ruby (on Rails), FFMpeg, Secured Cloud with free IP Tables Firewall, SSH root access to Linux servers, Remote Desktop Admin access for Windows servers, Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Script Transfer, 52 Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with a few clicks and 24h Start, Stop, Restart and Pause server via web interface.