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Microsoft Azure Hosting Plans

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For a custom Azure Plan User live chat to disscuss with our sales team!

Tezhost Features

We provide a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.

What is the billing process of Azure with TezHost?

The billing process for Azure is sophisticated. When it comes to paying their bills, cloud users face many difficulties, including declined credit cards, the theft of private information, and malfunctioning payment services but, not anymore. TezHost now provides the most convenient, secure, and flexible billing possibilities. Customer security is the foremost concern, not the business. With TezHost services you can Pay in your local currency.

How to Setup Microsoft Azure?

TezHost offers a variety of choices when comes to setting up Azure Services. Azure Cloud Services is available as a platform as a service, (PaaS). This technology is intended to provide scalable, robust, and cost-effective services. Azure Cloud Services is housed on virtual machines (VMs).

Do you provide Specialist support for Azure configuration?

We offer a simple and intuitive configuration to Azure. We make it simpler for you to integrate with the Azure environment. We provide a wide range of cloud-related services and products at economical rates.

How do you scale the Security measures of Azure?

Our security measures are one of the main reasons we are trusted in by the business community. We offer multi-layered protection so that companies can benefit from remote physical data centers’ power without risking the confidentiality of sensitive information.