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TezHost is a remarkable web hosting company that provides its customers 24/7/365 access to exquisite support services all over the world including UK, USA, Pakistan, India, UAE, Bangladesh, and Malaysia etc. Our active and responsive team monitors many layers of sales and technical support services. TezHost user support policy includes chat assistance, paid support, ticket support, and phone support. Technical and billing support is mostly covered by the ticket support policy. chat assistance is often available 24/7/365 for the users and the general public to request information concerning sales. Users can only ask for technical support in chat or over the phone if their ticket hasn’t been updated in the last 6 to 12 hours on working days, wasn’t resolved in 24 hours on working days, or if they need technical knowledge about their desired product or service. Technical staff will only join the chat in cases of technical knowledge and updates. Outside of office hours, it might take 24 to 48 hours, however, in extraordinary cases involving complex technical issues or other genuine conditions, it might take longer. Customers of TezHost must permit our support team that contacts them on their behalf if they want to continue receiving help. If this happens, all actions completed can also be canceled.

Following are different sections of the Support Policy of TezHost:

Chat Support:

For most circumstances, an agent is required to respond immediately. If he is doing some tasks for a client, he should need to tell the client that he is checking, while technical staff can be busy, as they may be doing multiple tasks at the same time, both sales and technical agents could only take a maximum of 5 minutes to respond to the user on a chat between answers or initially. “Chat support is only for sales,” while users with technical issues can know about the status of their ticket or why it wasn’t updated in the given expected time. Only minimal issues or those that can be fixed promptly will be resolved on chat, however only with the chat staff’s permission and only if they are active. For information via chat, technical staff will be available for 15 to 30 minutes. In chat, if a user requests that a chat support staff member act on their behalf (which they can also do themselves), they are solely responsible for any errors that result as they have given their consent.

Phone Support:

Support for telecommunications includes landlines Support for phone calls, mobile phone calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. Additionally, general phone help is available for urgent queries on technical, sales, and billing support. Only urgent queries concerning sales, billing and technical information may be made via the landline phone support service. In the event of a detailed conversation on sales or technical issues, phone call support will typically be provided to clients by experts using their official company numbers. In most cases, the duration of this mobile phone call support will be 10 to 15 minutes at the most. When the user cannot be reached directly, the SMS support service will be used. Messages will be confined to a few updates that may be taken immediately, without further explanation. Only in rare circumstances, such as when phone help via call was impossible, difficult, or necessitated the sharing of information that wasn’t possible via phone or SMS, could one speak directly with sales or technical staff via WhatsApp. WhatsApp support will also be used to communicate more extensively with the support service if a user’s technical or sales issue persists. Your phone number can be used to reach you at any time, and if you are unavailable, operations such as ticket support or other transactions may be delayed. You will, however, receive a written notification that you were unavailable. Technical personnel may get in touch with you, mostly to better understand your problem or fix it in a single communication in ticket assistance. If the technical team needs any additional information, if the ticket has insufficient information regarding a specific issue, or if the ticket is open and work has been done on it, they are instructed to call the customer.

Note: You are requested to respect the privacy of our staff other than their official time of duty, mostly from 12 a.m. to 9 a.m. on weekends, leaves, holidays, and so forth.

Sales Support:

We will promote sales through various communication and marketing tactics, and clients will receive thorough information about our services regardless of the communication channel used. While we will make an effort to contact clients regarding promotions, pricing, renewals, and verification of their information, the client ultimately must verify that those channels are functional. By all applicable international and national laws, all information provided in a client’s record must be accurate and reachable. If any information is provided in the client’s record that is unreachable, we may inform the client about it and launch an investigation to verify the information. Orders placed by clients will remain in our order queue for 30 days. We will not attempt to automatically take any amount from the client’s credit or any other payment source until we get a notification, however, a human or technical error may occur in this regard. Please explain your problem when contacting us concerning any such activity via a billing ticket, chat, or phone assistance. If needed, a refund will be initiated. Invoices for clients will be canceled after our side of the service is completed. Please be aware that if services are past due, we reserve the right to immediately stop or discontinue them without prior warning and will not be liable for any data loss. We offer affiliate commissions to all of our customers as well as to various marketing firms and people that generate sales, however, you must show proof of any sales or orders generated by your affiliate link or coupon code. Payment details will be required, however, there will be no deadline for when the desired amount will be transmitted. As stated below, we offer free support for new orders (setup, installation, or migration). However, a 25 to 50% (refundable) fee will be requested and must be paid before any work is done. This cost will then be added to the client’s invoice.

Technical Support:

“Tickets are the primary source to get Technical Support”. Technical assistance consists of technical support for domains, web hosting, servers, emails (both server-side and client-side), website code troubleshooting, database-related issues, website migration, email migration, control panel migration, server migration, etc. We offer a free migration service to new users only in which we migrate their files, websites, databases, or servers to our side, however, only with the user or developer’s responsibility and cooperation. Since the user or the technical side is the one who evaluates and makes decisions, all technical support actions will be carried out with the user’s permission and responsibility. From our perspective, technical staff will simply act as an executor. Only open-source and popularly used CMS-based websites [not custom-built (Frameworks included)] will be transferred by our side during auto-migration without any liability on our part. A website or online application will be moved into its many components (files, databases, and emails) without the need for human migration. For that, clients need to hire someone or use our paid support service. We can only point users in the direction of a remedy if their website breaks during migration. Since the technical team assisting or migrating will only move data or resources of the website with potential cautions in mind, we will not fix the user’s website (according to technical staff understanding). Another feature of website migration is that we only perform easy, automated migrations that don’t require a lot of coding expertise, like migrations of control panels or content management systems (CMS). For website migration, commonly used services’ backup and restore functions will be mostly utilized. To avoid a deadlock, we may require authentication or credentials from the user for migration. Last, however, not least, our technical team is there to help with web hosting and domains, not with programming, therefore if a user has a developer-related issue, a developer will be suggested to them (even for a small task). The user will need to work with a developer, use paid technical support services, or obtain other paid services. When it comes to email support, we only offer assistance and find solutions on our server side, which includes webmail and other services, not on the client side. On the client side, we do not set up whole software for users; rather, we simply provide configuration guidance for various email management applications. Users must hire technical people and use professional help to configure any such programme on their end.

Ticket Support:

The ticket assistance policy will provide specific guidelines for resolving tickets. Billing and sales are two of the departments that deal with tickets. “All tickets will be replied to or updated within 6 to 12 hours during working days, and if they can’t be updated, then the users will be notified that their tickets are in process and work is in progress to resolve them.” Tickets may take 24 to 48 hours to process on days other than working days since staff members might not be available. Even though we always make an effort to be present. Kindly be aware that calling or entering a chat after creating a ticket will only confuse and prolong your problem. Simply fill out the ticket with your thoughtful and precise response. Give your ticket high priority, send us an email to let us know you need a quicker response, and include a note explaining why in the ticket if you require one. Kindly just make one call or message to the support team and wait; if you make more calls or messages, you risk being prohibited from using that channel of communication and not receiving a response. For quick updates and issue resolution, all communication and updates must be made through tickets. Other forms of communication, particularly email, are more casual and may be less likely to receive frequent updates because tickets have a policy of being answered within 6 to 12 hours. To resolve issues in tickets, the client’s developer administering the client’s services must be approved and added as contacts in the client area. If they are for a one-time contact, at the very least, their number must be added to a support ticket. Please keep in mind that we are not required to respond to anyone who is not in our database but, claims to be connected to one of our clients. Anyone contacting on a client’s behalf must have permission; otherwise, they will always be denied support. Every ticket for which a call is necessary will be handled by the technical staff, who will inform the client about the problem or obtain information to resolve it. Please be aware that a ticket response is not the same as a ticket resolution, and the problem may not be fixed as soon as we think it is. Screenshots will be required if either party feels the issue has not been handled, and “screenshots” are crucial in the description of any problem.

Paid Support:

Paid assistance will provide comprehensive technical support, however, in some circumstances, it might also include other support services. The majority of the other support services, including SEO, website construction, content writing, etc., will be provided in full-fledged service packages. Please be aware that our free setup services for shared, reseller hosting, cloud, and dedicated servers only offer software or package installation and default setup, as opposed to the full range of commercial support. Our paid support may include, however, is not limited to, labor-intensive services like website troubleshooting, which may require multiple staff members, such as developers and system administrators, or services relating to time-consuming installations, cloud or dedicated server setup or migration, cleanup of hacked or infected websites, etc.  Depending on the kind of assistance and tasks it entails, it might be regular or one-time. Although it is not included in our services for our clients, it may also be charged on an hourly basis and may even begin charging after providing just one hour of technical support. Any technical help provided to parties other than our clients (or references of our clients or partners) will be billed without prior notification. Technical help is billed in advance and is only available for the technical tasks listed in the invoice or its description. For paid technical help, the standard rate is USD 10 per hour for clients worldwide.

This support policy was introduced on May 25, 2021, and last updated on November 20, 2020.