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What is Cyber Panel and How Does it Work

Cyber Panel is a web hosting control panel that gives users access to a single interface for managing their websites, email accounts, files, and databases. It provides a user-friendly website administration system that makes it simpler for website owners to control their online presence. We’ll learn what Cyber Panel is in more detail in this blog post, along with its advantages and drawbacks.

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What is Cyber Panel?

Cyber Panel is a free, open-source hosting control panel made to make managing websites more accessible. Most Linux-based operating systems are compatible because their team created them. One-click installs, automated backups, support for multiple websites, and a user-friendly interface are just a few characteristics that make it a popular option among website owners.

Key Features

Let’s discuss some of its salient characteristics in more detail:

User-friendly interface: It provides a straightforward and intuitive user interface that makes managing websites simple for users. The menus and settings are organized clearly and simply for ease of usage.

Multiple website support: Cyber Panel controls numerous websites from a single interface. This functionality is proper for website owners who need to maintain many sites.

Automatic backups: It provides automatic backups, meaning your website is constantly backed up without your intervention. If something goes wrong with your website and you need to fix it, this function will be helpful.

One-click installer: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal can all be installed with only one click using Cyber Panel. Eliminating the need for manual installation makes it simple to install these programs.

How Does it Work?

Now that we’ve looked at what Cyber Panel is and its key features, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

  • Architecture

It is built on the OpenLiteSpeed web server and is compatible with most Linux-based operating systems. Designed to be lightweight and fast, handling high-traffic websites without slowing down. It also includes several security features to help protect your website from cyber threats.

  • Functionality

Cyber Panel offers a variety of functionality to help website owners manage their online presence. Here are some of the key features:

Website management: With Cyber Panel, you can easily manage your website, including creating and managing domains, subdomains, and email accounts. You can also manage your website files and databases from a single interface.

Email management: Cyber Panel includes a built-in email server, which means you can easily create and manage email accounts for your website. You can also configure email forwarding, autoresponders, and spam filters.

File management: It includes a file manager that allows you to easily upload, download, and edit files on your website. You can also create and manage FTP accounts for your website.

Database management: Cyber Panel supports MySQL and MariaDB databases, so you can easily create and manage databases for your website. You can also manage your databases using phpMyAdmin, which is included with Cyber Panel.

  • Security Features

Cyber Panel includes several security features to help protect your website from cyber threats. Here are some of the key security features:

Firewall: It includes a built-in firewall that helps to protect your website from cyber-attacks. The firewall can block traffic from specific IP addresses or allow traffic from particular IP addresses.

SSL/TLS: It includes support for SSL/TLS certificates, which means you can encrypt your website traffic to protect it from eavesdropping and other cyber attacks.

ModSecurity: Cyber Panel includes support for ModSecurity, a web application firewall that helps to protect your website from common web-based attacks.


There are a number of advantages to using Cyber Panel for your website. Here are some of the key advantages:

Quicker webpage load times: The OpenLiteSpeed web server, which is made to be small and quick, is included in Cyber Panel. Thus, websites hosted on Cyber Panel typically load more quickly than those housed on alternative web hosting control panels.

Easier website management:  You can manage your website, email, files, and databases using Cyber Panel’s one interface. This saves you time and makes managing your internet presence simpler.

Cost-effective solution: You don’t need to buy a license to use it because it is free and open-source. As a result, it is an affordable option for website owners on a tight budget.

Improved security: A built-in firewall, SSL/TLS support, and ModSecurity are just a few security tools it offers to help protect your website from web-based threats.


While it has many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Here are some of the key drawbacks:

Limited customization options: This control panel is designed to be user-friendly, so it may not offer as many customization options as other web hosting control panels.

Technical support limitations: It is an open-source project, meaning technical support may be limited compared to paid web hosting control panels.

Not suitable for high-traffic websites: While lightweight and fast, it may not be ideal for those requiring more advanced features and customization options.

Compatibility limitations: It is compatible with most Linux-based operating systems but may not be compatible with all software and applications.


Cyber Panel is a powerful web hosting control panel that offers a range of features for website management. TezHost offers Cyber Panel hosting as one of our web hosting solutions, providing reliable and fast hosting services. Our Cyber Panel hosting plans come with various features to help you manage your website more efficiently, making it an excellent option for website owners of all levels. Contact us right away to learn more about our hosting options and ways to develop your website.

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