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How fast a website should load?
According to Akamai, a famous content delivery network, 2 seconds is the threshold for eCommerce website acceptability. So if your website is slower than 2 seconds, you need to consider working on the speed optimization of your website(Speed Up Website, more precisely). Below are some of the techniques used to speed up your website. As of 2018, a large number of websites are in WordPress so we will concentrate on WordPress sites. But some techniques are also applicable to other websites.

How to speed up your WordPress Site?
WordPress is a great platform for content sharing and management, to the point where at the moment it stands as the number one most used CMS. Part of the reasons for it having this place is due to its ease of installation and support for a plugin architecture which allows its capabilities to be extended quite a bit.

However, one area where WordPress can be a bottleneck is speed. Since the developers target ease of use and universal compatibility, speed is not exactly a priority. This, however, can be rectified quite easily, to the point where you can at times increase your WordPress site’s loading speed two or three folds.

We will introduce you to a plugin that will help WordPress cope with the areas where it lacks. The plugin is called W3TC or W3 Total Cache. This is a plugin that enables the feature of very intensive caching for WordPress, installation is simple and configuration is the same way as well. Just install it from WordPress’s default marketplace, once installed enable the following options:
1. Object Cache
2. Database Caching
3. Web page Cache

Through these, the plugin will cache all commonly accessed pages and functions and save them as plain HTML pages on the web servers so that it simply serves them to a visitor, without any server-side processing required.

Gzip is another important tool you need to use from cPanel or directly from .htaccess for compression. It helps to compress your website files and speed up the communication between web servers and browsers.

Last but not the least, it is important that if your web host offers SSD-based web hosting services then the loading times will be even faster for you. So always choose a web hosting provider with SSD, this is extremely important for speeding up websites.

At Tezhost We care about our hosted websites and we have SSDs installed on all the servers. Our support staff can help you with website speed optimization and guide you to implement the solutions.

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