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How to register a domain name in pakistan

The internet is a space where every click can offer new opportunities. It’s like having your patch of digital sky up there. Imagine having an exclusive address to make it easier for people to find you online. 

So, you have an amazing concept for a website or a blog where you can share your ideas or develop your business. It would help if you first listened to your digital territory—a name that reflects who you are and one that others won’t soon forget. Domain registration means choosing the right domain name for your shop on a busy street—something catchy, relevant, and exclusively yours.

In Pakistan’s cyber world center of gravity, mastering registering a domain may feel like traveling through unknown lands. But don’t panic! Our guidance will be valuable so you can place yourself among those who matter most in the Internet market by following simple steps.

Well, get ready because we are about to show you how exactly registering a domain name in Pakistan works and turns all your digital dreams into reality.

Importance Of Choosing A Relevant And Memorable Domain Name

Your domain name is similar to your home’s address; consider the internet a vast city that never sleeps. In this digital neighborhood, getting the appropriate address becomes paramount. Therefore, let us discuss why choosing a relevant and unforgettable domain name is important – it is like naming your house so that people can easily find and remember it. 

You want an address that means something when you’re in a big city, right? The same goes for websites too. A related domain name tells visitors about your site. It’s like having a signpost on your house showing friends and neighbors they have reached their destination. Thus, if you are beginning a blog about your escapades or launching an online store, your domain name will be the virtual billboard for such purposes.

Let’s now spice things up with some creativity. An unforgettable domain name is just like having a unique and catchy name for your home. It stays put in peoples’ minds. Consider this as that cool house on the street everyone talks about – therefore, in the vast web world, a cool website can be made only by its domain name. As such, we progress through why what appears after matters: remember – A relevant and memorable domain name is the key to making your online home unforgettable.

domain registration in pakistan

Steps to buy a domain name in Pakistan

Time needed: 10 minutes

Use this step-by-step guide to register your domain name and occupy your digital space easily. In this guide we will be using the intuitive process of Tezhost, to secure your online identity becomes effortless and fulfilling.

  1. Visit domain registration page

    The first step to register domain name in Pakistan is to select a domain name registrar. Tezhost PK is best domain registar for .PK domain registration in Pakistan.

  2. Check the availability.

    Nevigate to the domain registration page of TezHost PK, A search bar will appear on the screen. Type the domain name you selected to buy previously and press the “Domain Search Button”. You can write who name with extension like or

  3. Proceed to buy the domain

    You will see a congratulation! your domain name is available on the screen. If not available you will see some other suggestions. (If not available you can go back and check a different domain or you have options to choose from in the list). The price of domain will appear with the status near name.

  4. Add to cart the name you selected

    In this step you have to click add to cart button. Then press checkout button to proceed with payment method. In domain configuration page you have to set thing as available and press continue button.

  5. Create Account in TezHost

    Here you have to create an account on TezHost, so that company will associate the domain name with it. You can choose google to signup and fill the form available and select the payment method. (If you are in Pakistan Easypaisa/JazzCash is suitable for you. However, you can choose international payment methods like PayPal and credit card etc.)

  6. Send payment and own domain

    In this step you have to send money through easypaisa account mentioned on the top of the receipt. Once done, you have to send receipt to our live chat agent and he will mark your invoice as paid.

Why Choose Tezhost For Domain Registration in Pakistan

Tezhost is a preferred domain registration company with numerous advantages that differentiate it from competitors in the increasingly digitized world. TezHost is providing best web hosting in Pakistan which is core requirement to live your website with domain name. Our hosting plans include WordPress hosting which is worlds top cms to create websites. TezHost even help you create your website by providing website builder tools to make the process of website creation process easy.

  1. Affordable Prices for Wise Investment: Find out how to secure your domain by choosing Tezhost and, simultaneously, at a competitive price. Discover how selecting Tezhost becomes an intelligent decision whether you want to establish your digital identity on a budget or as an individual or business.
  2. Simplicity to All Users: See how user-friendly the process of buying domain names in Pakistan with Tez is meant to be for average users. Get to know why claiming your online space through this company is like traveling with a trusted companion: it will make your journey bearable even if you have never claimed an online space.
  3. Exceptional Bang for Your Buck: Uncover what emphasis Tezhost places on quality and, more importantly, unbeatable value for money regarding your digital investment. In this part of our paper, we describe how your digital shop window must be cost-effective and meet all requirements and expectations of reliability and performance set by you as its owner.
  4. Customer Support That Inspires Confidence: Explore the significance of having dependable customer support services in a digital setup in this provider’s case. Here, we talk about how having robust support provided by Tezhost during any inquiries surrounding registering domains is akin to having a safety net within which The Company provides various resources such as discussion forums and chat lines, among others.
  5. Trusted Guide on Your Online Journey: Learn why it’s more than just being another service – Tezhost is a reliable partner when making you own an internet site. This section shows how TezHost ensures that registering a domain is painless, cost-effective, and supported by dependable backends so that your web store receives proper care and appreciation, too!


Before we conclude this guide on registering a domain name with Tezhost, it is evident that holding your position in the digital world can be easy.

Beginning from understanding what relevant domains mean to why you should go for Tezhost and everything else in between, which forms the background of a fruitful online presence. Remember that your domain is your address and your digital self. To help solve any problems you may have about domain registration at Tezhost, read the FAQs below.


What is the importance of choosing a suitable and memorable domain name?

Your online identity is your domain name. A relevant and memorable domain name portrays what you are all about and attracts and keeps visitors. It sets one’s first impression in the vast digital landscape.

Why should I use Tezhost for registering my domains?

Regarding pricing, user-friendliness, value for money, or even customer support, there are no alternatives to Tezhost since they offer all these features simultaneously. TezHost offers wider range of domain extensions from .PK to .AE domain registraion, TezHost is your one stop destination for domain and hosting.

How do I manage my domain on the TezHost?

This platform has been made simple enough by TezHost that let you administer your area. We offer management tools like updating information on your page, renewing your registered domains, and making some amendments if needed and Name Server or DNS changes.

If my desired site address has already been taken, what next?

Be creative if you are still looking for the domain name you want. Think about other extensions or variations that could work. This typical case is discussed in our guide.

How can Tezhost assist me if I face problems when registering my site?

In case of any obstacles, kindly communicate with Tezhost customer care service, who will be ready to offer any clarifications or help you may need for a successful domain registration process.

Arif Wali Nago

Meet Arif Wali, an accomplished SEO expert with a passion for optimizing online success. With a wealth of experience, Arif serves as the SEO Strategist for TezHost, where he leverages his expertise to drive organic growth and enhance website visibility.


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