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Business Damage Factors

Web hosting business services generally enable individuals and organizations to make their websites available over the internet. At its simplest, web hosting business services involve the storage of data on a server of the service provider. When an electronic device (e.g. a computer) sends a request to view the client’s website. Then the host server sends a copy of the client’s stored web page to the electronic device.

The Web host Infrastructure

A web hosting company should be as stable and reliable as its infrastructure. Web hosts should develop one of the highest quality and most reliable infrastructures in web hosting companies. Company purchases and maintains its own equipment located in the same city as its management facilities. Companies should provide all types of web hosting services to capture every user.

Place of supply

The principal rule with regards to the place of supply for Web host services providing is where the supplier belongs. In this context, if the supplier of web host services belongs to Pakistan. Such services follow GST at a standard rate. On the other hand, if the supplier belongs to another country, the supply of service is an out-of-scope supply. However, if the recipient of the overseas services supplier belongs to Pakistan. Then it considers an imported service and subject to  GST  at a standard rate and the recipient has to account for GST as if he/she supplies to himself.

Bandwidth overage

Bandwidth overage is where the volume of data that the website transmits has gone above the allotted amount of bandwidth. When this situation arises, some

Web Hosting Business

companies will switch off the website while others will automatically add on extra bandwidth charges which are priced at a  different  (usually much higher) rate than the normal monthly web hosting charges. These extra charges don’t penalize the customer, instead, they are to cover the cost that the web hosting company has to compensate for the extra bandwidth quota.  On that account, bandwidth overage is subject to GST at a standard rate.

Govt. Taxes

Some countries require you to charge a sales/use tax on certain services. It is best for you to take a look at your state-specific Department of Revenue site to find out. If you need to charge sales/use tax you will need to get a sales/use tax permit.

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